“What is the value of the life of one child saved? No one will ever know, but if the child were our own, the price tag would be marked: Not for sale — this life is invaluable.” — When Life Is Gone, That’s All There Is, THE ROTARIAN, January 1980


Over the two days of the conference, you will have an opportunity to select classes from thirteen tracks. Each track has classes with experts sharing solutions to major issues that are happening in our communities locally and internationally. There is an opportunity to attend four classes on Friday and four classes on Saturday. The classes within each track are in the order that they will be presented.


Track A
Personal Life and Home

Track B
Education and Literacy

Track C

Track D

Track E

Track F
Peace Fellows/Peace Graduates

Track G
Human and Civil Rights

Track H

Track I

Track J
Mainstream and Social Media

Track K

Track L
Global Trade and Economic Development

Track M
Empowering Women